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Throughout the book, Larry is faced with big problems. No matter what he does, he can't seem to solve them! 

Just like people in real life borrow money, the animal residents of Moneyville borrow money for different reasons. Not all of the animals in the town can repay what they borrowed. Many of the animals are uneducated about finance. Without understanding, it is easier to to make mistakes. Our unique learning program simplifies this complex subject.



Pennies are used to simplify the lessons. Children can explore scenarios and understand basic financial terminology.

  • The Overall Meaning of Good Credit and How to Maintain it

  • Understanding Bad Credit and Why it Occurs

  • Greed and Irresponsibility in Relation to Money

  • Taxes and How They Apply to Business

  • Penalties When Taxes aren’t Paid

  • Basic Understanding of Interest

  • Financial Ethics

  • Purpose of a Check

  • Borrowing Money

  • Lending Money

  • Collecting Debt and How Losses Have an Effect on the Community as a Whole

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