Rhythmic Learning

Larry the Lending Lion is a story that rhymes. Studies show that rhyming words help with retention of information. This story not only teaches terminology, but more importantly, the life lessons that go with it make this book unique

Financial literacy is an important subject to children and adults. Unfortunately, it is sometimes a difficult subject to teach. Aisha Hall has decided to put the "FUN" in fundamental finance. As a hip hop artist and a financial expert, she wanted to bridge the two. 

Share this book with your sisters and brothers.
Larry the Lending Lion is like no other! 


  • Good Credit

  • Bad Credit

  • Interest

  • Borrowing

  • Banking

  • Taxes

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Check Writing & More . . . 


Ages 6 - 12+


Although this book is geared toward children, adults and teenagers may also benefit from these simplified finance lessons.